Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Mega DudeFest Details June 5 & 6

It's a celebration of all things dude in the anipals world!

June 5 & 6, 2010
2 p.m. EST to 2 p.m. EST (24 hours of dudeness!)
Dogmigo River

Our #Dudefest pawty on June 5 & 6, 2010 is in honor of @FrugalDougal who is in ill health. We want to make sure he and his mom Lynn know just how much we appreciate all they have done for animals around the world. This is our time to celebrate them! So raise a glass and join us at Dogmigo River for a howling good time! You can read @FrugalDougal's blog post about the event and what it means to him.

Please leave a comment for @FrugalDougal on this special blog created for him by @PepiSmartDog and @BadAndy_KityKat

Contact @brutusthedane - Dudefest planner and chief troublemaker
brutusthedane AT gmail DOT com

Hope you can all join us for a great time!


All anipals are invited to attend but expect crudeness including burping, tooting, bacon beer drinking, cigar smoking, poo shooting and poker playing. (We will have plenty of drinks and activities for our younger anipals and barktenders will be IDing for drinks. We want everyone to be safe and have fun!) We are just dudes having a good time!

There will be sekurity at this DudeFest in honor of @FrugalDougal. Check out the schedule and pay your fines and bail here.

You can go to @FrugalDougal's official PawPawty page to learn about places to dress yourself up and how to change your avatar.

You can also add a Twibbon here.

If you want to buy some fun memorabilia of @FrugalDougal, check out the Zazzle store and use discount code: DADDYMUGDEAL for daily deals!

DudeFest Charity & Quiz Schedule June 5 & 6

@FrugalDougal is picking the charity for his Mega #DudeFest celebration! Please read more about the two charities that @FrugalDougal has chosen to support here.

@MaggieTKat is your quiz hostess! Contact her if you are interested in donating prizes or being a quiz master. Thanks to all our great anipal furiends who donated prizes (see the exciting list below)! Visit the #pawpawty site to see pics of all the prizes and quiz links.

DudeFest Drinks & Noms Menu June 5 & 6

Wonderful drinks and noms created by @JavatheCat in honor of @FrugalDougal!

Holy dog! This DudeFest menu is amazing.

Also, visit the Cookie Pub provided by @flicka47 !

#DudeFest DJ Schedule for June 5 & 6

If you would like to spin some tunes for the Mega #DudeFest for @FrugalDougal, please contact @HanktheDoggy or @MattieDog for shift assignments!

The #DudeFest house band--the Shibbering Cheetos (@ShibberingC)--will be in the house all Mega #DudeFest rocking the pawty!

Here's the DJ schedule! Rock on.

#DudeFest Barktending Schedule June 5 & 6

Thanks to @GeorgetheDuck who organized the barktending schedule!

You can find it here.