Thursday, December 31, 2009

DudeFest Jan. 16-17 Details

It's a celebration of all things dude in the anipals world!

January 16-17
2 p.m. EST to 2 p.m. EST (24 hours of dudeness!)
Dogmigo River

Our #Dudefest pawty on January 16-17, 2010 is in honor of @HanktheDoggy who is celebrating his 10th birthday on January 20! The birthday pawty of the decade! Join us at Dogmigo River for a howling good time!

Your #Dudefest organizers are:
@TrailerParkDogs - in charge of all design details, tooting and trouble
@MattieDog - DJ organizer and pawty pal
@BaitheCatahoula - in charge of secret birthday mission and hot dudette
@SydPie - menu planner and hot dudette
@MadLabM - in charge of PR and hot dudette
@tweetypie54 - PR man, tooter and just great dude!
@SidtheCatahoula - in charge of desserts
@BigBoyBosco - in charge of peace keeping, trouble making and the poo gun
@OatieDog - Welcome Wheaten (your hostess with the mostest!) and hot dudette
@brutusthedane - Dudefest planner and chief troublemaker

Hope you can all join us for a great time!


All anipals are invited to attend but expect crudeness including burping, tooting, bacon beer drinking, cigar smoking, poo shooting and poker playing. (We will have plenty of drinks and activities for our younger anipals and barktenders will be IDing for drinks. We want everyone to be safe and have fun!) There is no sekurity so pawty on dudes and dudettes! We are just dudes having a good time!

The theme is a 10th birthday pawty. Come dressed to the nines, wear a fake mustache, or don't dress up at all--it really doesn't matter!

Thanks to @trailerparkdogs and @georgetheduck who designed and made possible our #Dudefest Twibbons. You can add them to your avatar by going here or here.

You can go to the official PawPawty page to learn about places to dress yourself up and how to change your avatar.

DudeFest Jan. 16-17 Charity & Quiz

UPDATE: The money raised during Dudefest was enough for AC PAW to rescue two dogs and two cats! That's four animals who were saved and will find better forever homes because of us! Nice work!

While no gifts are required to attend this birthday pawty, if you would like to give a little something to AC PAW, a local no-kill animal group that fosters and adopts pets in @HanktheDoggy's area, that would be fantastic! In a fitting tribute, AC PAW is celebrating their 15th anniversary during our #Dudefest (Jan. 16) so we wish them many more years of success as well!

AC PAW started as a vision of two people, Brian Manley and June McGrath to ensure a safe haven for animals from abuse, hunger, disease and death. AC PAW was founded to give the animals a second chance at life. They are officially beginning their 15th year of volunteer service, with a handful of dedicated volunteers and a small number of donors. AC PAW began on July 1, 1995 and officially incorporated on Jan 16, 1996. During this time they have rescued and placed nearly 5,300 dogs and cats into loving homes. Each animal is spayed or neutered before they join their furever home.

In response to our inquiry about raising money for AC PAW, a local radio station ( and their morning show guys (Omelette and Finster) may do some shout outs about our fundraising event. Way to go anipals!

Quiz Info

1/16: 3pm EST
Prize: Handmade Silk Scarf
Donated by: @pasikas
URL you should study:
Winner: @SeattleP

1/16: 6pm EST
Prize: Doggie Paw Rubber Stamp
Donated by: @understandblue
URL you should study:
Winner: @CokietheCat

1/16: 9pm EST
Prize: Animal Specific Prize
Donated by: @sidthecatahoula
URL you should study:
Winner: @tildatoo

1/17: Midnight EST
Prize: Dudefest Magnet
Donated by: @mattiedog
URL you should study:
Winner: @Yoda_the_Dog

1/17: 2 am EST
Prize: Magnets of Winner's Choice
Donated by: @no_crybaby_dogs
URL you should study:
Winnner: @flicka47

1/17: 5 am EST
Prize: Handmade Silk Scarf
Donated by: @pasikas
URL you should study:
Winner: @PepiSmartDog

1/17: 8 am EST
Prize: Dudefest Magnet
Donated by: @mattiedog
URL you should study:
Winner: @PetietheCat

1/17: 10am EST
Prize: Doggie Paw Rubber Stamp
Donated by: @understandblue
URL you should study:
Winner: @kittehboi

1/17: noon EST
Prize: Animal Specific Prize
Donated by: @MaggieTKat
URL you should study:
Winner: @BusyButtons

Prize: Gift bag of treats and a surprise!
Donated by: @theculinaryK9
Winner: @ForeverGinger

1/17: 1:45 pm EST
Prize: Dudefest Magnet
Donated by: @mattiedog
URL you should study:
Winner: @JinJinDoggy

DudeFest Drinks & Noms Menus

Delicious food and drink to celebrate @HanktheDoggy's 10th Birthday!

#1 BACON BEER! – The first. The only. BACON BEER!
#2 Setter sippers! – Bacon beer with fur of @HanktheDoggy – our guest of honor
# 3 Bacon Wine! - Another @HanktheDoggy specialty!
#4 Lab ‘N Lager — bacon beer with slurp rimmed glass from BrunotheDog
#5 Baconrita – tequila, bacon, more bacon, triple sec or Grand Marnier, fresh lime, more bacon
#6 Razzmatazz – salmon, tuna, bacon, ham, blended with gin, chilled glass
#7 Dudaroni! – pepperoni blended to perfection and mixed with Bacon Beer
#8 Princess Poison – sweet and fruity umbrella drink for the ladies *giggles*
#9 Hound Dog – blended hot dogs and whisky, served chunky
#10 RottieRita – root beer, Navan vanilla liquor, vodka, dollop of vanilla ice cream, bacon chaser
#11 Pickled Herring – vodka, citrus, bloody Mary mix, sweet pickle relish, wedge of lime, celery salt rim, herring garnish
#12 Cat-mopolitian – cranberry juice, vodka, Grand Marnier, catnip float, salmon garnish
#13 Niptini – The classic #pawty drink!
#14 Veganrita – v-8 juice and tequila with a splash of Grand Marnier
#15 Whine – Red, white or rose
#16 Duck blind - Basic Here Duckie!!! with a vodka pond added, frozen and blended, sushi float

#17 Loose Moose Juice - moose droppings (anipal-safe chocolate-covered almonds) blended with gin
#18 Hooch (@PierrethePoodle's special blend of fire water) no limits! Bacon , lizard or regular!
#19 Candied Bacon Martinis (@MadLabM's specialty)

Non-alcoholic Concoctions

#1 Here Duckie!!! – extra large martini glass w/ pummeled pond grass, lemonlime, and a sushi float
#2 Water – large or small bowl with ice cubes
#3 White heaven – milk for the kitties
#4 Go Bananas! - something special for Kolo and friends
#5 Opaque heaven – tuna juice straight up, no chaser
#6 Catachino – hot coffee whipped with cream
#7 Tea please – choice of teas
#8 B Brothers Coffee - A special blend created by @BrunotheDog and @BrutustheDane naturally roasted coffee with the essence of toot (rotten eggs and tuna)
#9 O’Hanks – nonalcoholic bacon beer
#10 Yellow Snow - Lemonade served over ice snowcone (Specialty of @rogerdog and @baithecatahoula)

Dudefest Noms!

Bacon & Squirrel Birthday Cake!!! - Specially prepared by @Niqqi and @trailerparkdogs
#1 SwankyHanks — hot dogs and beans
#2 Rank Hanks – hot dogs and bacon beer beans that have been aged to perfection under the porch
#3 Tootybrutie — chili with extra beans
#4 Trailertoots — Swanson's bacon-beer battered chicken dinner
#5 Sydsoup - white bean soup
#6 Bruno’s Meat Pie — Bruno's favorite meat pie
#7 SmokinSids — brown beans w/pork
#8 Uh-oh-Oaties — beans and rice
#9 PoopinPeties — bean and nip
#10 Gut Grenade – ribs, beans (with extra pork), cornbread, spicy fries, comes with a Bacon Beer
#11 Farts on a Stick! – bologna rollups
#12 Lettuce Dance – wedge salad with tiny tomatoes and crumbled blue cheese (choice of dressing)
#13 Flickin chicken – Shredded chicken salad sandwich, hold the lettuce
#14 BACON! OMD BACON! – 1 pound of overcooked bacon, crispy, crunchy, yummy bacon
#15 Schmooopy shrooms – crab stuffed mushrooms
#16 It fell on the floor – kitchen surprise
#17 Tootsie Roll – special treat for the dogs
#18 Bird Flew – honey mustard chicken skewers
#19 Swine Flew – BBQ pork skewers
#20 Ham dinner! - Ham, au gratin potatoes, green beans, mustard sauce
#21 Corn cob – a corn cob for your digging and burying pleasure
#22 HOT DOG! - Grilled natural casing franks with fresh homemade rolls
#23 OMD! Cheeseburger cooked rare with all the fixings
#24 Pizza – veggie pizza (also available with hamburger or pepperoni)
#25 Stealth Farts - Deviled eggs

#26 Bunny BMs - candy-coated bunny poos (no need to order--snack bowls located on all bars and tables, neverending! Kindly provided by @ZackRabbit!)
#27 Cheesy Potato Beer Soup - Daffy's specialty
#28 Toad Tasties - crickets and crispy cricket legs
#29 Frog Freshies - variety basket of grasshoppers
#30 Maddy Fingers - Chicken fingers
#31 Fred Sanford's (Sanford & Son) Leftover Meatloaf Soup
#32 Cheetos! - Provided by your band Da Shibbering Cheetos
#33 The Frugal Dougal Special - Three of everything! He's the anipal who started it all!

Dudefest Desserts!

#1 Hank’s Beefcake – Bacon & cheeseburger dessert pie for the discriminating connoisseur
#2 Frankly Hank – Yogurt covered hotdogs on a stick with whipped cream garnish
#3 Spanky Hank – Banana cream pie with bacon flake garnish
#4 The HanseeSundae - Three scoops of ice cream (beef chicken and pork topped with whipped whipped cream and sprinkled with bacon and sausage bits.
#5 The Kolo Martin - chocolate covered banana
#6 The SydPie - A deep, rich (safe for animals) chocolate pie with swirls of fleur de sel caramel
#7 Feline Fantasy - lightly whipped tuna mousse studded with bits of nip. Garnished with catnip chips.
#8 The three fish souffle
#9 Lemon, champagne strawberry gratin with pistachio Ice cream and banana crisp
#10 Coconut fruit soup with mango chips and caramel ice cream
#11 Teddy bear chocolate mousse - a favorite of Henryandfriends. For dipping pleasure, a pistachio and hazelnut biscotti
#12 The Rubber ducky - citrus fruit jellies in passionfruit, lemon and peach.
#13 Brutus The Danish - for anipals who prefer breakfast sweets, cheese or fruit danish
#14 The Happpiii - a platter of everything, guaranteed to make you wave with glee
#15 The Hank the Doggy Oreo cheesecake with a nutty graham cracker crust
#16 Big Boy Bosco - Frosty paws milkshake. Add your own mix-ins. Guaranteed to NOT give you a stomach ache ;-)
#17 The Super Muffy - one ball of coconut flavored cotton candy surrounded by two balls of pink lemonade cotton candy
#18 Whoa! – Aerosol can whipped cream
#19 BunnyLoadCakes - baked specially by no_crybaby_doGs' mom, bunny poos baked into a delicious carrot cake
#20 The Bruno Original - Apple-nougat tart (sauteed apples, nougat almond mix, traditional sweet dough base)
#18 The Bailey Bunch - Pear almond & apricot tartlets
#19 The Fruity Mattie - Strawberry rhubarb tart with almond cream, strawberry gelee and rhubarb compote
#20 The Nutty Gunner (@tweetypie54) - Vanilla nougat with chunks of almonds, dried cherries and chunks of dried beef

For more great desserts, visit The Flicka da Cookie Cafe, presented to you by Cookie man @sadlovelyheart and Flicka @flicka47

DudeFest DJ Schedule Jan. 16-17

@HanktheDoggy's special birthday DudeFest will include a
Special Guest Appearance by:

da Shibbering Cheetos at 7:30 pm EST on Saturday, Jan. 16!

We have DJ spots open. If you would like to help, please contact @MattieDog or @BrutustheDane.

January 16
2 pm EST: @bunnyjeancook
3 pm EST: @bunnyjeancook
4 pm EST: @Dogstoyevsky
5 pm EST: @SidtheCatahoula
6 pm EST: @MattieDog
7 pm EST: @MattieDog
7:30 pm EST: #ShibberingCheetos special performance!
8 pm EST: @Lexingtonthepup
9 pm EST: @GeorgetheDuck
10 pm EST: @fergusthedog
11 pm EST: @yoda_the_dog

January 17
midnight EST: @yoda_the_dog
1 am EST: @LouPeb
2 am EST: @marleyterrier
3 am EST: @apollo_frenchie
4 am EST: @flicka47
5 am EST: @flicka47
6 am EST: @yoda_the_dog
7 am EST: @MattieDog
8 am EST: @Quadpawd
9 am EST: @kittehboi
10 am EST: @kittehboi
11 am EST: Our Birthday Dude: @HanktheDoggy
noon EST: @Dogstoyevsky
1 pm EST: @Pandafur

DudeFest Barktending Schedule Jan. 16-17

We also have barktending spots open. (You must be over 18 or 21--depending on your country--to barktend!) If you would like to help, please contact @SydPie or @BrutustheDane.

January 16
2 pm EST: @MadLabM Specialty: Candied Bacon Martinis
3 pm EST: @MadLabM Specialty: Candied Bacon Martinis
4 pm EST: @sanjeethecat
5 pm EST: @tweetypie54
6 pm EST: @angel7745
7 pm EST: @angel7745
8 pm EST: @MrKiplingwoof
9 pm EST: @Meow_Girls
10 pm EST: @rogerdog and @baithecatahoula (Specialty: Yellow Snow)
11 pm EST: @BigBoyBosco @PierrethePoodle (Specialty: Hooch, bacon or regular)

January 17
midnight EST: @BigBoyBosco
1 am EST: @JavatheCat
2 am EST: @BuzzLucas
3 am EST: open bar, serve yourselves!
4 am EST: open bar, serve yourselves!
5 am EST: @LadyBonessa (11 am GMT)
6 am EST: @LadyBonessa (noon GMT)
7 am EST: @tuttifruiti_cat (Specialty: nip cigars)
8 am EST: @OatieDog and @OllyTed
9 am EST: @OllyTed
10 am EST: @BaronVonOdem and @BrutustheDane
11 am EST: @OatieDog
noon EST: @tweetypie54
1 pm EST: @katieboocat