Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Dudefest Barktender Schedule

We also have barktending spots open. (You must be over 18 or 21--depending on your country--to barktend!) If you would like to help, please contact @SydPie or @BrutustheDane.

November 13
6 pm EST: @tweetypie54
7 pm EST: @MrKiplingwoof
8 pm EST: @Meow_Girls
9 pm EST: @PierreThePoodle
10 pm EST: @MadisonTheLab
11 pm EST: @BigBoyBosco

November 14
midnight EST: @BigBoyBosco
1 am EST:
2 am EST: @JavatheCat and @BuzzLucas
3 am EST:
4 am EST:
5 am EST:
6 am EST: @LadyBonessa (noon GMT)
7 am EST: @LadyBonessa (1 pm GMT)
8 am EST: @OatieDog
9 am EST: @tuttifruiti_cat
10 am EST: @trailerparkdogs
11 am EST: @trailerparkdogs
noon EST: @tweetypie54 and @baithecatahoula
1 pm EST: @OatieDog and @baithecatahoula
2 pm EST: @BigBoyBosco
3 pm EST: @GeorgetheDuck
4 pm EST: Our Guest of Honor: @BrunotheDog!
5 pm EST: Our Guest of Honor: @BrunotheDog!
6 pm EST: @PierreThePoodle

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