Monday, January 10, 2011

Trooper Bowl Menu!

Those crazy girls @SydPie and @Niqqi have worked their magic and will wet your appetite with these delicious noms and drinks. Something for everyone here!

You can also see the Flicka da Cookie Cafe Tailgating menu here!

First Down: Appetizers
Instant Replay: chili with cheese & tobacco sauce
Fumble: snack plate with onion rings, French fries, chicken wings, beef taquitos
Buffalo Wings: hot and spicy, just the way you like em, served with celery and blue cheese
Cheeseheads: zesty, messy, wonderful chili cheese fries, you’ll be hootin’ and hollarin’ all night!
Shoulder Pads: double stuffed potato skins with cheese, chives, bacon, chili, sour cream, and cheese
Punt: mini hotdogs with mustard sauce
Astroturf: green salad with little sushi & shrimp for duckie friends
Sack: little raviolis filled with pork, chicken, and spices
Steeler Tidbits: crickets, bugs, and other delights for toad and frog friends
Turf: Big Cobb Salad with extra bacon and hard boiled eggs
Houston Hotties: Big plate of nachos with chili, cheese, black olives, jalapenos, sour cream, salsa
Chillin’ in Carolina: Guacamole and chips

Touchdown: Major Noms!
The Tuck Rule: Chicken quesadilla with all the toppings
Ball Carrier: meatball sub
New Orleans: crawfish stew that’s so heavenly it should be given sainthood!
Quarterback: ¼ pound burger with cheese, pickles, and potato chips
Touchdown!: 4 ¼ pound burgers stacked between layers of rolls, with cheese, pickles, relish, French fries & onion rings
One Foot In: Foot-long hotdog with all the fixins
Two Feet In: Two Foot-long hotdogs with all the fixins (is there any other difference?)
Cowboy UP!: fall off the bone ribs, smothered in sauce, fries, baked beans, corn on the cob
New York Pizza: you’ll eat it the way we serve it and you’ll be happy about it.
Chicago Pizza: A very similar attitude to the New York Pizza but with a bit more dough.
New England’s Finest: fresh boiled lobster, steamers, corn on the cob, baked potato, and a side of Boston baked beans. Served with a Sam Adams. Cuz that’s how it’s done!
Foul!!: turkey and chicken club sandwich with lettuce, tomato, bacon, mayo on whole wheat or white
Winning Percentage: steak and eggs with hash brown potatoes

Horse Collar: Tequila shooters
Hank’s Bacon Beer: The one. The only. It wouldn’t be a pawty without it! (with or without optional Bacon garnish)
Miami Momma: Blue Curacao, vodka, and splash of orange & lime juices
Diamond in the Turf: green drink with a dolphin shaped gummi snack wearing only one earring with another earring in the bottom of the glassJet Set – Pink champagne in pretty pink pedestal glasses
Illegal Formation: whiskey shooters with lime chasers
Double Coverage: Bailey’s, Kahlua, and Vodka with two giant ice cream globs for Hookalopes and friends
10 Second Run Off: Hank’s Bacon Beer, straight from the keg
Receivers Downfield: Jello shots in fun fruity flavors
Banana Rams: Bacon milkshake with extra ice cream and banana floater
Atlanta Teasers: hot tea or iced tea in a variety of herbal and fruit flavors. Decaffeinated available if the game goes late
Seattle’s finest: special blend of coffees, hot or cold, whipped or regular, steamed milk, chocolate shavings, and whipped cream available

Just Desserts
No Contact: Cookies and milk for teddy bears
Helmet: ice cream Sundae served in a mini football helmet
Halftime: strawberry shortcake with fresh berries and whipped cream
Blitz: chocolate cake with fudge frosting and chocolate ice cream, stemmed cherry on top
Live Ball: variety of decorated truffle balls


  1. WOW! Great food, drinks, music, friends and charity! Thanks! You rock! Great #dudefest!

  2. Syd & Niqqi = OUTSTANDING NOMS! Great work gals! SuperFUN #dudefest, Brutus! Kudos to Mattie, TrailerParkDogs & of course the ShibberingCheetos!