Monday, January 10, 2011

Trooper Bowl Prizes & Quiz

In addition to @FrugalDougal putting together a wonderful quiz extravaganza for #Dudefest Trooper Bowl and all of the kind prize donors (see the schedule and prize donors here) we've also got a special prize package put together for you by our sponsors: @HanksBaconBeer!

Every 6 hours (each quarter of our Dudefest), we will draw a number based on the number of donations made and that donor will win a special @HanksBaconBeer prize package (which includes: @hanksBaconBeer coaster, keychain, Shibbering Cheetos goodies, Squirrel Undie Pants, etc.)

The randomly drawn winners of the @HanksBaconBeer prizes will be:

Quarter 1: donation #17 Winner: @TinyPearlCat
Quarter 2: donation #24 Winner: @BunnyJeanCook
Quarter 3: donation #38 Winner: @TweetyPie54
Quarter 4: donation #60 Winner: ?

*In the event that these numbers are not within range (under or over) by the end of each quarter, the Dudefest team will redraw numbers for the prize award. All winners will be notified ASAP.

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