Thursday, December 31, 2009

DudeFest Jan. 16-17 Details

It's a celebration of all things dude in the anipals world!

January 16-17
2 p.m. EST to 2 p.m. EST (24 hours of dudeness!)
Dogmigo River

Our #Dudefest pawty on January 16-17, 2010 is in honor of @HanktheDoggy who is celebrating his 10th birthday on January 20! The birthday pawty of the decade! Join us at Dogmigo River for a howling good time!

Your #Dudefest organizers are:
@TrailerParkDogs - in charge of all design details, tooting and trouble
@MattieDog - DJ organizer and pawty pal
@BaitheCatahoula - in charge of secret birthday mission and hot dudette
@SydPie - menu planner and hot dudette
@MadLabM - in charge of PR and hot dudette
@tweetypie54 - PR man, tooter and just great dude!
@SidtheCatahoula - in charge of desserts
@BigBoyBosco - in charge of peace keeping, trouble making and the poo gun
@OatieDog - Welcome Wheaten (your hostess with the mostest!) and hot dudette
@brutusthedane - Dudefest planner and chief troublemaker

Hope you can all join us for a great time!


All anipals are invited to attend but expect crudeness including burping, tooting, bacon beer drinking, cigar smoking, poo shooting and poker playing. (We will have plenty of drinks and activities for our younger anipals and barktenders will be IDing for drinks. We want everyone to be safe and have fun!) There is no sekurity so pawty on dudes and dudettes! We are just dudes having a good time!

The theme is a 10th birthday pawty. Come dressed to the nines, wear a fake mustache, or don't dress up at all--it really doesn't matter!

Thanks to @trailerparkdogs and @georgetheduck who designed and made possible our #Dudefest Twibbons. You can add them to your avatar by going here or here.

You can go to the official PawPawty page to learn about places to dress yourself up and how to change your avatar.


  1. Wicked I can poo shoot for England!! And I do! XXXXXX

  2. Great news another #dudefest Yayyy

  3. FartyParty? Nice one I'm practising now, can you smell it? Hmmm? Breathe deeply and enjoy the aroma aaaaaah.