Thursday, December 31, 2009

DudeFest Drinks & Noms Menus

Delicious food and drink to celebrate @HanktheDoggy's 10th Birthday!

#1 BACON BEER! – The first. The only. BACON BEER!
#2 Setter sippers! – Bacon beer with fur of @HanktheDoggy – our guest of honor
# 3 Bacon Wine! - Another @HanktheDoggy specialty!
#4 Lab ‘N Lager — bacon beer with slurp rimmed glass from BrunotheDog
#5 Baconrita – tequila, bacon, more bacon, triple sec or Grand Marnier, fresh lime, more bacon
#6 Razzmatazz – salmon, tuna, bacon, ham, blended with gin, chilled glass
#7 Dudaroni! – pepperoni blended to perfection and mixed with Bacon Beer
#8 Princess Poison – sweet and fruity umbrella drink for the ladies *giggles*
#9 Hound Dog – blended hot dogs and whisky, served chunky
#10 RottieRita – root beer, Navan vanilla liquor, vodka, dollop of vanilla ice cream, bacon chaser
#11 Pickled Herring – vodka, citrus, bloody Mary mix, sweet pickle relish, wedge of lime, celery salt rim, herring garnish
#12 Cat-mopolitian – cranberry juice, vodka, Grand Marnier, catnip float, salmon garnish
#13 Niptini – The classic #pawty drink!
#14 Veganrita – v-8 juice and tequila with a splash of Grand Marnier
#15 Whine – Red, white or rose
#16 Duck blind - Basic Here Duckie!!! with a vodka pond added, frozen and blended, sushi float

#17 Loose Moose Juice - moose droppings (anipal-safe chocolate-covered almonds) blended with gin
#18 Hooch (@PierrethePoodle's special blend of fire water) no limits! Bacon , lizard or regular!
#19 Candied Bacon Martinis (@MadLabM's specialty)

Non-alcoholic Concoctions

#1 Here Duckie!!! – extra large martini glass w/ pummeled pond grass, lemonlime, and a sushi float
#2 Water – large or small bowl with ice cubes
#3 White heaven – milk for the kitties
#4 Go Bananas! - something special for Kolo and friends
#5 Opaque heaven – tuna juice straight up, no chaser
#6 Catachino – hot coffee whipped with cream
#7 Tea please – choice of teas
#8 B Brothers Coffee - A special blend created by @BrunotheDog and @BrutustheDane naturally roasted coffee with the essence of toot (rotten eggs and tuna)
#9 O’Hanks – nonalcoholic bacon beer
#10 Yellow Snow - Lemonade served over ice snowcone (Specialty of @rogerdog and @baithecatahoula)

Dudefest Noms!

Bacon & Squirrel Birthday Cake!!! - Specially prepared by @Niqqi and @trailerparkdogs
#1 SwankyHanks — hot dogs and beans
#2 Rank Hanks – hot dogs and bacon beer beans that have been aged to perfection under the porch
#3 Tootybrutie — chili with extra beans
#4 Trailertoots — Swanson's bacon-beer battered chicken dinner
#5 Sydsoup - white bean soup
#6 Bruno’s Meat Pie — Bruno's favorite meat pie
#7 SmokinSids — brown beans w/pork
#8 Uh-oh-Oaties — beans and rice
#9 PoopinPeties — bean and nip
#10 Gut Grenade – ribs, beans (with extra pork), cornbread, spicy fries, comes with a Bacon Beer
#11 Farts on a Stick! – bologna rollups
#12 Lettuce Dance – wedge salad with tiny tomatoes and crumbled blue cheese (choice of dressing)
#13 Flickin chicken – Shredded chicken salad sandwich, hold the lettuce
#14 BACON! OMD BACON! – 1 pound of overcooked bacon, crispy, crunchy, yummy bacon
#15 Schmooopy shrooms – crab stuffed mushrooms
#16 It fell on the floor – kitchen surprise
#17 Tootsie Roll – special treat for the dogs
#18 Bird Flew – honey mustard chicken skewers
#19 Swine Flew – BBQ pork skewers
#20 Ham dinner! - Ham, au gratin potatoes, green beans, mustard sauce
#21 Corn cob – a corn cob for your digging and burying pleasure
#22 HOT DOG! - Grilled natural casing franks with fresh homemade rolls
#23 OMD! Cheeseburger cooked rare with all the fixings
#24 Pizza – veggie pizza (also available with hamburger or pepperoni)
#25 Stealth Farts - Deviled eggs

#26 Bunny BMs - candy-coated bunny poos (no need to order--snack bowls located on all bars and tables, neverending! Kindly provided by @ZackRabbit!)
#27 Cheesy Potato Beer Soup - Daffy's specialty
#28 Toad Tasties - crickets and crispy cricket legs
#29 Frog Freshies - variety basket of grasshoppers
#30 Maddy Fingers - Chicken fingers
#31 Fred Sanford's (Sanford & Son) Leftover Meatloaf Soup
#32 Cheetos! - Provided by your band Da Shibbering Cheetos
#33 The Frugal Dougal Special - Three of everything! He's the anipal who started it all!

Dudefest Desserts!

#1 Hank’s Beefcake – Bacon & cheeseburger dessert pie for the discriminating connoisseur
#2 Frankly Hank – Yogurt covered hotdogs on a stick with whipped cream garnish
#3 Spanky Hank – Banana cream pie with bacon flake garnish
#4 The HanseeSundae - Three scoops of ice cream (beef chicken and pork topped with whipped whipped cream and sprinkled with bacon and sausage bits.
#5 The Kolo Martin - chocolate covered banana
#6 The SydPie - A deep, rich (safe for animals) chocolate pie with swirls of fleur de sel caramel
#7 Feline Fantasy - lightly whipped tuna mousse studded with bits of nip. Garnished with catnip chips.
#8 The three fish souffle
#9 Lemon, champagne strawberry gratin with pistachio Ice cream and banana crisp
#10 Coconut fruit soup with mango chips and caramel ice cream
#11 Teddy bear chocolate mousse - a favorite of Henryandfriends. For dipping pleasure, a pistachio and hazelnut biscotti
#12 The Rubber ducky - citrus fruit jellies in passionfruit, lemon and peach.
#13 Brutus The Danish - for anipals who prefer breakfast sweets, cheese or fruit danish
#14 The Happpiii - a platter of everything, guaranteed to make you wave with glee
#15 The Hank the Doggy Oreo cheesecake with a nutty graham cracker crust
#16 Big Boy Bosco - Frosty paws milkshake. Add your own mix-ins. Guaranteed to NOT give you a stomach ache ;-)
#17 The Super Muffy - one ball of coconut flavored cotton candy surrounded by two balls of pink lemonade cotton candy
#18 Whoa! – Aerosol can whipped cream
#19 BunnyLoadCakes - baked specially by no_crybaby_doGs' mom, bunny poos baked into a delicious carrot cake
#20 The Bruno Original - Apple-nougat tart (sauteed apples, nougat almond mix, traditional sweet dough base)
#18 The Bailey Bunch - Pear almond & apricot tartlets
#19 The Fruity Mattie - Strawberry rhubarb tart with almond cream, strawberry gelee and rhubarb compote
#20 The Nutty Gunner (@tweetypie54) - Vanilla nougat with chunks of almonds, dried cherries and chunks of dried beef

For more great desserts, visit The Flicka da Cookie Cafe, presented to you by Cookie man @sadlovelyheart and Flicka @flicka47


  1. Great menu and drinks. Can't wait to do some sampling.

  2. U guy's did great job !!!