Thursday, December 31, 2009

DudeFest DJ Schedule Jan. 16-17

@HanktheDoggy's special birthday DudeFest will include a
Special Guest Appearance by:

da Shibbering Cheetos at 7:30 pm EST on Saturday, Jan. 16!

We have DJ spots open. If you would like to help, please contact @MattieDog or @BrutustheDane.

January 16
2 pm EST: @bunnyjeancook
3 pm EST: @bunnyjeancook
4 pm EST: @Dogstoyevsky
5 pm EST: @SidtheCatahoula
6 pm EST: @MattieDog
7 pm EST: @MattieDog
7:30 pm EST: #ShibberingCheetos special performance!
8 pm EST: @Lexingtonthepup
9 pm EST: @GeorgetheDuck
10 pm EST: @fergusthedog
11 pm EST: @yoda_the_dog

January 17
midnight EST: @yoda_the_dog
1 am EST: @LouPeb
2 am EST: @marleyterrier
3 am EST: @apollo_frenchie
4 am EST: @flicka47
5 am EST: @flicka47
6 am EST: @yoda_the_dog
7 am EST: @MattieDog
8 am EST: @Quadpawd
9 am EST: @kittehboi
10 am EST: @kittehboi
11 am EST: Our Birthday Dude: @HanktheDoggy
noon EST: @Dogstoyevsky
1 pm EST: @Pandafur


  1. And we'll have Fun,Fun,FUN til daddy takes the T-bird away....snicker...